Our 115 Wet slips will accommodate vessels from 28′ to 65′ in length with beams up to 21′.

In/Out Service

Cape Marina offers both Inside Dry-Stack Storage & Outside Rack Storage. See if it’s right for you!


You can chill at the pool, challenge your friends in the Game-room, and relax at the Cabana!


We know there is a-lot to take in and we’re sure you have questions. Let’s see if we can quickly answer them here!

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Slip Sizes: 30′, 32′, 40′, 45′, 50′, 65′
Equipped with the latest in aluminum docks for sturdy support, our 115 Wet slips will accommodate vessels from 28′ to 65′ in length with beams up to 21′. The minimum depth at all slips is 12′.

24/7 ocean access

Cape Marina offers 24/7 easy and fast ocean and intracoastal access. Avoid the No Wake Zones. Use Port Canaveral’s waterway and “Go Outside”!

Great on-shore FACILITIES 

Full bathroom facilities, showers, coin-operated washers and dryers. Use our many rest areas to relax and enjoy the view or have a cook-out under our Pavilion with the BBQ grills.


Cape Marina provides 30/50 Amp service for your use at your slip. We consider it an amenity so you don’t get billed for it!*

The little but big things
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • High Speed Fueling
  • Dock Customer Fuel Discounts
  • Pump-Out Services
  • Close to the Great Restaurants of the Port!

Wet Slip Pricing:

Prices Effective 5/1/2022 – Prices Subject to Change Upon 45 Day Notice Posted in Office

30′ Slip

$ 435 .00
per month

Taxes & Fees not Included.

32′ Slip

$ 464 .00
per month

Taxes & Fees not Included.


40′ Slip

$ 580 .00
per month

Taxes & Fees not Included.

45′ Slip

$ 652 .50
per month

Taxes & Fees not Included.

50′ Slip

$ 762 .50
per month

Taxes & Fees not Included.

65′ Slip

$ 991 .25
per month

Taxes & Fees not Included.

Monthly Live-a-board Rate

$ 150 .00
per person

(5% off for each additional person). (includes children over 2 years of age).

Disclaimer & Need to Know – Click to Reveal

Regular dockage rates require a security deposit which is applied or refunded with a 30 day written notice.


Rates are determined by the size of the slip which will accommodate your boat (as determined by the dockmaster), generally slip size is at least 2’ greater than boat length including the swim platform and bow sprit. Boats allowed to exceed the slip length will be charged a per foot rate based on boat length overall.

Any vessels allowed to exceed slip length as stated above: 45’ and under $14.50 per foot 46’ and over $15.25 per foot

*All rates include limited usage of electric and water, but do not include constant use of air conditioners, heaters, or freezers. Liveaboard charges will apply to cover utilities for any boat using excessive a/c or heat. Freezers on boats or on the dock will be billed at $30 monthly.

Liveaboard charges will also apply if the boat is occupied more than 8 days per month or meet specific criteria as posted in the Dockmaster’s office.

**Website may reflect older prices, contact the office to get the most up to date rates.

In/Out Service & Storage

Have your cake and eat it too? Yes! Our In/Out service is perfect for those looking to store their boat in a secure & convenient space and have quick and direct access to Port Canaveral! Our new our partnership with BoatCloud brings all In/Out scheduling online allowing customers to schedule with their smartphone!

Quick Turn-around

Have your boat splashed before your arrival! Call us 30 minutes before and meet your boat at the dock. If you schedule in advance, we can even prep your boat with ice, bait, and drinks!

inside or outside?

Cape Marina has both Inside Dry- Storage supporting up to 34′ LOA depending on the hull, and Outside Rack Storage in our Secure Yard. Contact the Dock-Master’s office to learn more!

open 7 days a week

Cape Marina is open 7 days a week! Speak with a DockMaster about our Summer & Winter business hours so you can plan ahead!

Customer fuel discounts

Fuel your boat at Cape Marina, you get a discount for staying here! We have Val-Tech 93 Ethanol Free fuel!

Schedule Your In/Out Movements with Boatcloud!

In/Out Pricing:

Rates do not include sales tax*



$ 225 .00

per month


$ 235 .00

per month


$ 255 .00

per month


$ 270 .00

per month


$ 285 .00

per month


$ 300 .00

per month


$ 315 .00

per month


$ 330 .00

per month


$ 350 .00

per month


$ 380 .00

per month


$ 395 .00

per month


$ 410 .00

per month


$ 430 .00

per month


$ 445 .00

per month


$ 475 .00

per month


$ 490 .00

per month


$ 505 .00

per month


$ 525 .00

per month


$ 545 .00

per month


24′ & Under

$ 13 .50

per foot per month

25′ to 29′

$ 14 .50

per foot per month

30′ to 33′

$ 15 .25

per foot per month

34′ to 38′

$ 15 .50

per foot per month

Disclaimer & Need to Know – Click to Reveal

Regular in/out storage rates require a security deposit which is applied or refunded with a 30 day written notice.


Inside storage boat lengths are determined by tip to tip measurement!

Inside Storage Boats over 9’ beam are an additional ½ times inside rate.

Inside Storage Boats over 11’ overall height are an additional ½ times.

Both may apply.

Outside storage boat lengths are determined by registration length.

Prices Effective* 5/1/2022 – Prices Subject to Change Upon 45 Day Notice Posted In Office

*Website may reflect older prices, contact the office to get the most up to date rates.

Paradise… Home Away from Home… Shall we go On?

Cape Marina is the perfect place to relax, drink a beer, and watch the action. Our complex consists of Pavilion with BBQ grills, Cabana with TVs, Pool with Lounge Deck, and Gameroom with Exercise Room.

B.Y.O.B. to karen’s cabana or
relax with jets in our heated pool!

Equipped with a full square bar top, it’s the perfect spot to watch the game while drinking your favorite drink and enjoying that fresh sea air. Our heated pool is the perfect place let stresses melt away. Schedule Events and Parties with the DockMaster’s office for a nominal fee.

BILLIARDS, air HOCKEY, foosball,
OH my!

The Gameroom is equipped with some of the classic past times for the family. Along side the big table games, you will find a comfy couch and big screen TV! Get fit with the well equipped exercise room! Get a Captains Club membership for nominal fee granting 24/7 access.


Security is one of our highest priorities! All of our entry ways are equipped with Badge Readers. All customers are issued a Personal ID Card that gets them access to the property via these readers.


License Plates Captured Weekly

Cape Marina is unique in its implementation of License Plate cameras. To date these have been responsible for solving the very few cases of theft that have occurred. We believe the notoriety of having such well rounded security has deterred many would be thieves.


Camera’s Installed

Cameras are situated throughout the property giving a good overview. Eye level cameras give us HD face views of everyone entering the property through the gates.


Access Swipes Per Month

Every access card entry is logged so we know who entered and who let who in. Tailgating is against policy and we enforce a strict compliance policy to make sure the marina local community is safe.

Frequently asked questions

Or contact us at any time
Do you offer any pay ahead discounts?

Cape Marina offers limited specials for paying 1 year in advance. Ask the DockMaster’s office for more information and terms of any specials.

How far is the grocery store? Nearest restaurants?


Rustys: 0.7 Miles – AVG 15 Minute Walk

Fishlips: 0.8 Miles – AVG 16 Minute Walk

Grills: 1.0 Mile – AVG 19 Minute Walk

Rising Tide: 0.9 Miles – AVG 17 Minute Walk

Grocery Stores/Dollar Store:

Dollar General: 3.1 Miles – AVG 7 Minute Taxi Ride 

Publix: 3.7 Miles – AVG 10 Minute Taxi Ride



888 TAXI (321) 868-8888

ALWAYS ON TIME (321) 305-2204

EVERTIME TRANS. (321) 704-0660

HOO-HA FLATRATE (321) 749-3232

COVE HOPPER (321) 536-5957


AVIS (321) 783-3643

BUDGET (321) 784-0634 OR (800) 527-0700

ENTERPRISE (321) 866-0324 -CORP ID 07A3565

HERTZ (321) 783-7771

NATIONAL (321) 866-0324

THRIFTY (321) 783-2600

What is your Vendor Policy?

Vendor Requirements:

These rules apply to ALL VENDORS WORKING AT CAPE MARINA, including Service Repair Companies, Boat Dealers & Brokers, Marine Surveyors & Charter Captains. Anyone who is compensated for work is considered a vendor! Vendors help us provide the “full service” that boaters expect of quality marinas, but they must follow the same rules we work with for security, safety and environmental protection reasons.

Cape Marina charges a Vendor Fee. Each and every time, regardless of duration, a vendor accesses Cape Marina property to preform work, a vendor fee will be charged to the vessel owner’s charge account. Every Vendor must use their customers time and money wisely. For vendors who both schedule and bring vessels to Cape Marina to work on exclusively, they will have an optional discounted monthly vendor fee that covers only their own employees, not other vendors or subcontractors. Subcontractors must pay a vendor fee and provide the same documents as all other vendors. See Cape Marina’s 2019 Vendor Memo for more information.

To keep this Marina operating in a safe, clean, and professional manner, Vendors MUST comply to provisions listed and provided below:

Do I have to evacuate/remove my boat from the water for an hurricane?


There are no ifs or buts! The “Inclement Weather Rule” of the Canaveral Port Authority Tariff states “Recreational and commercial vessels less than 500 gross tons are ineligible to apply to remain in Port and shall be removed from the waters of the Port, prior to setting Hurricane Condition ZULU by the U.S. Coast Guard, at the expense of the vessel owner or operator.”

“The CPA may issue penalties to vessel owners or operators for violations of this Rule in an amount not to exceed the amount prescribed in subsection 313.22(3), Florida Statutes.”

313.22 (3) – Any vessel that unnecessarily delays in moving under an order to vacate or change position may be penalized in an amount not exceeding $1,000 for each hour or fraction thereof, plus 150 percent of the demurrage costs incurred by a waiting vessel, until the order is complied with. The penalty shall be imposed and collected by the port issuing the movement order.

All Cape Marina customers are advised upon arrival that the Port of Canaveral is not a suitable refuge for hurricanes and tropical storms. All Cape Marina customers are required to have a Hurricane Evacuation Plan with contingencies.

Is there an hurricane haul-out option at Cape Marina?

Short Answer, unless you are already on our list – ABSOLUTELY NOT!

~ Not So Warm & Fuzzy Warning ~ Unfortunately the truth sometimes is not always pleasant, but we have to stress this part very forcefully. 

Cape Marina has a dedicated hurricane haul-out list that comprises of 20 vessels. This list is capped at 20 vessels and is done so based on our 44 years of experience where we have determined the best combination of usable storage space, use of the limited time between evacuation declaration and landfall, and available blocking materials. Our employees have family too, and would like to have time prepare their own homes.

There is an established waiting list to be the on the haul-out list but as you can imagine movement off the waiting list is very slow and spots only become available when customers leave Cape Marina. This does not happen very often! Still we don’t discourage customers from putting themselves on the wait list. Please note that if it does become your turn to be put on the haul-out list, you will be asked to place a deposit on boat stands for your vessel which will be returned to you if you wish to be removed from the list. We will set these stands aside in storage so they will always be available. You must be able to make your deposit within 24 hours of being notified that a spot has come available for you, otherwise you will be passed and moved to the bottom of the list. Only vessels at Cape Marina can be on the hurricane haul-out list, so if you take your vessel to a neighboring marina, you cannot keep your spot.

Now for the not so nice stuff:

Let’s have a heart to heart here. Nothing can and will piss us off more then to ask us last minute if we can haul you out, especially if you claim that “we have the space” or “we have the time”. We work our butts off right till the bitter end. There are hundreds of other customers just like you, all with the same problems and stresses and 99.9% manage to evacuate following their plan. Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency for us. Cape Marina will absolutely not tolerate any arguments on this subject or disrespect towards any staff.

If at that bitter end, we are forced for the safety of Cape Marina and Port Canaveral to haul your vessel out, you can expect the following:

  • To be blocked with whatever available materials however inadequate. If there are no materials, we set the vessel directly on the ground (we are absolved of liability by law and contract of any damages caused by this).
  • $100.00/ft for both the haul-out & launch + $30.00/DAY + Normal Storage
  • Permanent ban from Cape Marina, your deposit forfeited and expect to pay attorneys fees in any legal battle.